A pillar of the PhyZeke Dance Brand includes costume and evening wear design. Zeke’s passion for fashion design began at a young age helping his mother and grandmother thread needles. This led to him creating his own dress designs and borrowing his nieces to model his work. Being self-taught took Zeke many years to perfect his craft. Inspired by beauty pageants, figure skating, ballroom and the fashion world, Zeke has been able to establish himself as a designer in the Latin dance world. Due to his creative and original work, he has created designs for many famous Latin dancers and World Champions, including Ataca and La Alemana, Jorjet Alcocer, Daniel and Desire, Alien Ramirez, Esteban and Desire, Jorge and Maria, Griselle Ponce, Tito and Tamara, Gaby and Martin, just to name a few.  Although Latin dance costumes are his forte, his passion is creating evening gowns. In the future, he hopes to see his work in the New York Fashion week and on the stages of Miss Universe. If you would like to inquire about getting your own PhyZeke Design, please fill out the contact form below.

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