ZEKE RUVALCABA is a Mexican/Chicago native who has maintained the spirit of Bachata alive in Chicago for the past 11 years. One of his strongest assets, apart from his energetic and humorous personality, is his ability to follow as well as lead. On the dance floor, Zeke captivates audiences with his unique flamboyant style no matter what role he takes on the dance floor. Zeke prides himself on his unique ability to teach and train his students and dancers. His creative approach in teaching has much to do with his B.F.A in Dance and Secondary Education. Zeke is trained in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz and has extensive preparation in choreography/instruction. In addition, Zeke specializes in spinning, styling, and body movement. Zeke has traveled the world teaching and performing at different Latin Dance Events.

Currently, Zeke is the Owner of PhyZeke Dance Academy and is the Artistic Director of all the Allstar Dance Teams including; Bachata Allstars, Bachata Rising Stars, Cumbia Allstars, Proyecto Allstars, Lady Allstars and a new Kids Allstar Team. 

As of recently, Zeke has had the prestigious honor to be selected as a judge for two of the most important World Championships; The World Salsa Summit and Euroson World Salsa Championships.

If traveling, teaching, directing and judging isn’t enough, Zeke is also an aspiring Costume and Evening Wear designer. He has created many costumes for local, national and international dance teams and couples. Visit the PhyZeke Designs page to learn more about Zeke’s fabulous designs!

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